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Finding the Right Therapist for You & Your Marriage

Are you in a loveless, sexless marriage?

Is there a lack of change or no progress in your relationship? 

Do you feel married and alone or do you live like roommates?

Have you wasted time and money in marriage therapy with no improvement?

Imagine your life a year from now, and your relationship is the same or worse than it is today.

Let us help you completely transform your relationship in 10 days, 5 days or even less.

Some couples have been miserable for years or even decades. Don't wait another day.

Discover if you or your partner struggle with sexual addiction,
intimacy anorexia or an offended heart.
Hire or Fire, it's YOUR Call!
Discover how to find a quality therapist for You and Your Marriage
What's included in the Book?
The 4 Pillars
Discover the 4 Pillars & How They
Apply to You and Your Relationship

Wise vs. Foolish

Happy vs. Holy

Fault vs. Responsibility

Want vs. Give

9 Secrets
Discover 9 things YOU need to know
before seeing a therapist.

You Get what You Pay For

Using Only Providers who Accept
your Insurance may not Always be Wise

Beware of the Shame-Based Model

Beware of the Trauma-Based Model

Your Therapist is NOT your Friend,
nor do they take sides

A Healthy Therapist has
Done their own Recovery Work

One or Both in the Relationship
Still has a Secret

The Need for a Psychological Evaluation

Individual Therapy will Increase
your Risk of Divorce
Bonus Resources
Take one of our 6 self-assessments to determine if you or your loved one may struggle with an addiction.

Sex Addict Test

Intimacy Anorexic Test

Offended Heart Test

Emotional Addict Test

Spiritual Addict Test

Teen Addict Test
About the Author
Cory Schortzman is recognized as one of the world's leading experts and pioneers in the fields of sex addiction, intimacy anorexia and the offended heart recovery therapy. Cory is an author, speaker, therapist, and educator. Cory is the founder of the Sexual Addiction Recovery Association, specifically created to support, equip, and train lay and professional clinicians worldwide.

Cory is the Founder and CEO of Transformed Hearts Counseling Center, Inc. and the Transformed Hearts Training Institute. He has counseled tens of thousands of clients to succeed and build deeper intimacy in their marriage as well as within personal and professional relationships throughout the last two decades.

Cory is a popular media guest, who has been featured on ABC Good Morning America, the CBS Early Show, CNTV, Fox News, Inside Edition, and TLC/Discovery (Strange Sex Series), as well as numerous radio broadcasts and internet articles throughout the world.

As a recovering intimacy anorexic, Cory's message is dynamic, inspiring and redemptive. Cory and his wife, Kerry, along with their 4 daughters reside in Monument, Colorado.


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